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140 YEARS IN 140 SECONDS: Celebrating 140 Years of Romanian-American Friendship

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Direct and personal: The long Romanian-American friendship in people's own words

We mark this year 140 years since the establishment of Romanian-American diplomatic relations, which have become, heightened at the level of a Strategic Partnership, one of the main anchors of our foreign policy. We are celebrating a relationship that has grown ever stronger by amplifying the voices of all those who, with myriad of everyday gestures, are giving a personal and immediate meaning to this longstanding friendship. Taking the Romanian-American exchanges out of the diplomatic conclaves and bringing it at the grass-roots level, our anniversary campaign, entitled "140 Years in 140 Seconds", passes the floor to artists, entrepreneurs, educators and activists who translate the Romanian-American partnership in the most personal, authentic and direct terms.

The “140 Years in 140 Seconds” campaign, consisting of a series of testimonials and unfolding between November-December 2020, is organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York and the Romanian Embassy in Washington with the support of Alianța (Washington, DC), American Romanian Cultural Society (Seattle), Authentic Society for Language and Romanian Culture (Chicago), Blue Heron Foundation (Los Angeles), "Hora" (Minneapolis), Immigration Research Forum (Washington, DC), Romanians of DC (Washington, DC), Romanian United Fund (Chicago), “Românul” (Connecticut), and the Honorary Consulates of Romania in the United States.

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Campaign visuals by Johnny Vacar.

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