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Romanian-American Maria Müller Stars in “Until Dark” by Federica Borlenghi

Updated: Apr 23

The show is presented as part of RCI’s Studio Theater Program

About the Event

We are excited to present “Until Dark”, an edge-of-the-seat play that explores the boundaries of solidarity and acceptance in time of (personal) crisis, as part of our busy Romanian-American Studio Theater program.

When Cass is accused of a heinous crime, her sister Jackie - a promising criminal defense attorney - decides to take over the case without blinking. When Lisa, their sister, shows up in town to show her solidarity, she realizes that there is more to the allegations than she could possibly expect. The feminist show, starring volcanic Romanian-American actress and producer Maria Müller, is an Et Alia Theater production and premiered and performed at Out of the Box Theatrics this year.

Written and Directed by Federica Borlenghi

Cast: Cass - Maria Müller; Jackie - Covi Loveridge Brannan; Lisa - Ana Moioli

Original Cast: Cass - Maria Müller; Jackie - Giorgia Valenti; Lisa - Luísa Galatti

Dramaturg: Covi Loveridge Brannan

Produced by Et Alia Theater

Co-Producers (original production): Mo and Kavita Shah

Assistant Director (original production): Isabel Criado

Associate Producer (original production): Covi Loveridge Brannan

Stage Manager (original production): Skye Pallo Ross

Set/Props Designer (original production): Andrés López-Alicea & Gilberto Gabriel

Lighting Designer: Adrian Yuen

Sound Designer: Stephanie Carlin Current

Founded by a group of feminist artists  in New York, Et Alia Theater champions multicultural, women-centered storytelling in the performing arts. Through project development and production, educational opportunities, and community advocacy, Et Alia offers an empathetic creative space for international women artists in New York and fosters a collective of mutual support. By providing an artistic home for people adapting to a new social environment where they can come as they are, we make a place for the “out of place”.

Time & Location

Friday, April 19, 2024 @ 7 PM | Romanian Cultural Institute RSVP

Meet the Creative Team

FEDERICA BORLENGHI (Director/Writer) is a Brooklyn-based, multi-hyphenate theater artist with a primary focus on playwriting and directing, from Italy. She is known for presenting highly sensorial and interdisciplinary theater productions, and disrupting traditional theatrical processes through a highly collaborative approach. Her writing investigates immigrant realities, contemporary womanhood, and unaddressed societal trauma. Through her plays, she explores where the roots of dysfunction begin, and builds unapologetic, controversial characters, in desperate need of healing. As a director, Federica specializes in new work development. She also actively works as a Creative Producer, and Designer in both the non-profit and commercial theater.

Follow the artist on her IG account:

MARIA MÜLLER (Cass) is a Romanian-American, New York-based actor, writer, producer, and Co-Artistic Director of Et Alia Theater. Her most recent acting credits include Plasters (The Flea), Where Are You? (New York), directed by Sim Yan Ying “YY” as part of Mabou Mines' SUITE/Space program, White Rabbit Red Rabbit at Theater for the New City, and two feature films: No Tomorrow and Eight to Nine O’clock, both currently in post-production. She was also a speaker at the 2023 National Women’s Theatre Festival. Her work has been featured in multiple national and international publications, as well as in a book. She holds a BFA from New York University.

Follow the artist on her IG account:

COVI LOVERIDGE BRANNAN (Dramaturg/Associate Producer/Jackie) is a playwright, actress, and creative producer. She specializes in site-specific projects which engage local audiences. Utilizing an ecofeminist framework, she crafts highly sensorial live-experiences that encourage self-reflection. Her latest work, CHRISTIE, adapted from Eugene O’Neill’s Anna Christie, premiered at the Waterhouse Museum — a century-old coal barge in Red Hook, BK. Her plays have been featured at New York Winterfest, Italytime Cultural Center, NYPL, and Miranda Theatre Company. She is part of the team at Rosalind Productions and is a graduate of The New School (BFA Dramatic Arts & MA Arts Management & Entrepreneurship).

Follow the artist on her IG account:

ANA MOIOLI (Lisa) is a Brazilian film/theater creator and performer based in New York. She is the Co-Artistic Director of Et Alia Theater and holds a BFA degree from NYU Tisch Drama. Recent acting credits include the TV series Law & Order (NBC) and CherryBomb(Amazon Prime), the award-winning short films I Am Love (Raindance) and Julieta(Oaxaca), as well as Et Alia’s theater productions Saudades (JACK), Stella, Come Home (HERE, The Brick), and This is Me Eating__ (Alchemical Studios). Besides acting, she has also written, produced, and directed for both theater and film.

Follow the artist on her IG account:

ADRIAN YUEN (Lighting Designer) has designed for theater, dance, events, and television; his recent theater credits include Rebel Verses 2023(Vineyard), *mark (theater 315), Passage (NYFA), Hamlet Splits Apart (The Flea). Adrian transforms stages into spellbinding realms through his masterful lighting designs. With a fusion of technical precision and artistic innovation, Adrian crafts immersive atmospheres that breathe life into every production. Based in New York, his work resonates with a commitment to storytelling, ensuring each beam of light becomes an integral part of the theatrical narrative. Experience the magic of Adrian Yuen's illuminating touch, where every performance is a visual symphony of creativity and brilliance. Follow the artist on his IG account:



Centrul de Presa

PHOTO GALLERY | PERFORMANCE | RCI New York, Friday, April 19, 2024



Hurley Kirk
Hurley Kirk
May 21

I like how Romanian-American actress and producer Maria Müller's enormous ability is shown in "Until Dark," which also explores intricate themes of acceptance and togetherness in the face of personal tragedy. Such a variety of stories being brought to life on stage is wonderful, particularly by groups like Et Alia Theater that support multicultural, women-centered storytelling. Excited to see the stirring narrative and powerful performances! Follow: slice masters


May 08

Друзі, дуже круто, що є місце, де ми можемо обговорити новини та поспілкуватися з їх приводу більш детально. Як на мене, то у наш час, ви маєте мати при собі завжди якісний новинний портал, котрий допоможе вам з актуальною інформацією вашого міста, чи країни. Я до прикладу завжди читаю новини Бердянська, бо без цього взагалі нікуди, а особливо з ранку, коли тобі потрібна максимально актуальна та якісна інформація про ситуацію в місті. Таким чином, я дуже вдячний цьому неймовірному інформаційному порталу за його роботу і ту можливість дізнаватися новини Бердянська, яка у мене є.


Colby Adkins
Colby Adkins
Apr 19

Her work has been featured in multiple national doodle jump


Nicholson Percy
Nicholson Percy
Apr 19

Part of our robust Romanian-American Studio Theater program doodle jump, we are thrilled to present "Until Dark," a suspenseful drama that delves into the limits of unity and tolerance at times of (personal) crisis.

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