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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

On this day three months ago, with all the excitement of absolute premieres, we debuted our first permanent online series, the Leon Feraru Conferences, named after the true founder of Romanian cultural diplomacy in the United States. For 11 memorable encounters in which we explored topics relevant on both sides of the Atlantic, we were privileged to welcome to the program an exquisite group of interlocutors: historians Dennis Deletant, Anca Șincan, Marius Turda and Maria Bucur, anthropologist Katherine Verdery, writers Radu Vancu and Petru Popescu, film-maker Tudor Giurgiu, medical doctor Theo Trandafirescu, economist Charles Frank, and cultural promoter Andreea Tănăsescu. Here is a rerun of the spring season as we are preparing an equally captivating line-up for the fall.

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