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Cezar Ioan on Wine as History, Culture, and Soft Power

Feraru Conferences Online / Special Edition

With the noblest elixir about to take center stage at the great celebrations of springtime, wine guru Cezar Ioan, publisher of influential and co-founder of Romania’s National Day of Gastronomy and Wines, came to the Feraru Conferences Online for a conversation about wine as cultural experience, Romanian wine-making traditions, opportunities and challenges, and the uses of a good vintage in nation-branding.

CEZAR IOAN is one of Romania’s most active wine promoters and experts, publisher of, a popular portal of news and reviews about all aspects related to wine, wine critic, cultural public educator. He is the co-founder of Romania’s National Day of Gastronomy and Wines and author of Connoisseur fără ifose. Tot ce ai vrea să știi despre vin și ceva în plus (Connoisseur without Airs. Everything you want to know about wine and something more, 2019), co-author of Vinul.Ro Guide (2010, 2011, 2012) and Romanian Gastronomy in the 21stCentury (2018) and editor of Wine-lovers’ Guide to Romanian Treasures (2018), and Food-lovers' Guide to Romanian Treasures (2019).


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